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Welcome and Hello. It’s so lovely to see you here.
I am so happy you have stopped by to visit my page
and find out a little more about me and what I do.

If you haven’t already figured it out, my name is Nicole and I’m a lover of life, a lover of you, and a lover of everything!

My desire is to help you live a life of love. Because honestly, love has changed my life and I want it to change yours too.

I was once someone who never lived a life of love. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I lived a life so void of love, happiness, peace and all those other feel good yummy feelings. Until something changed.

I changed.

And I made the decision to live a life of love, a life I loved.

And daily I continue to choose love. To see it, be it, and live it. And you can too.

The question is only will you?

You are invited to share my life and journey with me on Facebook and Instagram.
And I am so excited to be releasing a book into the world which will be available soon and from this site!

I look forward to seeing you soon.



book cover


I am so excited to share love is everywhere with you.

Part of my journey has included writing this beautiful book and it is now available to you!

It came through me, for me and to share with you.

From my heart to yours


Love is Everywhere - The Book

More Love In Your Life!

Since opening myself up to love and expressing love more,
my life has completely transformed.

I’m happier, more joyful, I feel great, and am finally living the life I came here to live. And I would love for you to have the same.

I offer support and one to one love-sessions to mentor you on your journey to:

♦ Recognising the love in your life

♦ Increasing the love in your life

♦ Loving the life you have

Programs start at $33

If you would like your life to change to one lived in love please contact me below.

Nicole xx

About Nicole

Nicole is someone who loves. She lives it. Breathes it. Talks about it. Loves it. And she will help you see the love and good in everything. Even things which seem almost impossible!

Nicole has written her first book “Love is Everywhere” which is available through this website, Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond and various other online book retailers. She is currently working on her second book and continues to write and share her love daily on her Facebook page.

Nicole offers support and one on one love sessions where she will help mentor you into living a more loved life.

Nicole oozes love and just being in her presence and having her around instantly makes you feel loved, seen and heard. Nicole simply put. Makes you feel good. And she will open up in you the love you didn’t even know you had!

Contact Nicole today to find out more about how she can help change your life into one more lived and more loved. Or visit her over on her Facebook page, she would love to see you there ❤

Connect With Me

I absolutely love connecting with people
and would love to hear from you.
So please drop me a line below
or come find me on social media.

Nicole xx